For ten years I had the honor of studying with The Master Voice Builder Leon Kurzer.

At the end of his life, I was honored to serve as his apprentice, so that his work would continue after his life had ended. I proudly continue his work today, and speak frequently of him in lesson.

Anyone who is required to use their voice constantly, from singers to actors and public speakers, will benefit greatly from the utilization of his world famous method.

Lessons are private. One hour weekly study is the minimum, although the original training called for four hours of study a day. After a 90 minute audition, wherein the condition of the student’s voice is examined, as well as other medical issues that might prevent effective intervention, male and female students over the age of 14 are accepted.

Professor Kurzer was not a ‘singing teacher’, ‘vocal coach’, or any of those other semi-dubious terms associated with the field of singing. I learned very early on to never refer to him by these titles. Leon was a ‘voice builder’, specializing in ‘tone production’. His method, which he learned from the originator of the technique George Armen, assumed that one was a singer (the voice is connected to the soul), and dealt only with strengthening, expanding the range, full spectrum coloring, and fully integrating the singer and the instrument into one unit. “We speak as we sing, we sing as we speak”, Leon repeated to me thousands of times during his years of guidance.

Just as musical instruments are constructed, so Leon constructed mine. Through a unique series of ‘vocal functions’ and ‘vocal exercises’, he repaired my already damaged instrument. Through that repair, my voice was taken to a much higher level then it ever would have been. We all grow up mimicking the tone production of those around us, and through over-use and incorrect technique, by the time I was guided to Leon, I was already on the downward slope to not being able to sing at all. The serious demands placed on the vocal instrument in a field as challenging as singing, especially for the younger singer, can often result in serious damage that can be career ending. Leon patiently and slowly worked with me, helping me first to understand, then to grow vocally stronger, and finally, to apply his truly amazing technique. A brief listen to my records from the first until now is indeed evidence to Professor Kurzer’s gifts.

Leon gave me my voice. For that I will always love him and remain profoundly grateful.

Thank you Leon.

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