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Jim is now doing LIVE
concerts online. You can see
JD in your home. Check the
Concerts link to learn more.

There is a great video of
Jim's October 15 show at the
Cutting Room in NYC with
special guest Marci Geller
along with Seth David Walter
and Marshal Rosenberg.
Click here for JD
at the Cutting Room

I'm happy to announce
that my CD, "Little Off the
Road Motel", is now available
online through iTunes and
CDBaby. Click on these links
or the links on the album
page in the Discography section.

The Discography has some audio links so you can hear some of your favorites and we'll be changing those from time to time to give you a nice variety. And be sure to go to the Lyrics section. There is a searchable database of all of my lyrics including a feature that allows you to print the lyrics.

I have a monthly blog called "Songman's Notes" that I think you'll enjoy so be sure to click on that link as well.

I update the site regularly. Come back soon.


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